Fuxbau Distilled Gin

Pretty unique alpine botanicals

spring spruce, stone pine, rowanberry

 Experience the Gin that is crafted by, what is possibly, one of the smallest distilleries in the world!


The Fuxbau Distilled Gin originates in the scenic Austrian town of St. Magdalena am Lemberg and is a blend of individually distilled herb-, spice- and fruit extracts, setting it apart from it's more traditional brothers.


"It is through this process that we create a unique smell and taste that reflects the notes of all it's natural ingredients and aromas."


Roman & Andreas

Our Story

"A natural, genuine and authentic product that highlights the enjoyment, celebrates life, flatters the palate, and links regionality with the international." 

Friends - Berlin city break - gin indulgence .. an the Idea was born!

The Distillery

Our copper pot is crafted by Haus Schmidt, an Austrian coppersmith, and might be one of the smallest of it's kind with a volume of only 20litres. This pot is the heart of our 25m² distillery, which manually produces quality gin while nestled in the beautiful hills of eastern Styria.